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White Water Rafting in Iguazu River - Iguassu Falls


The White Water Rafting in the Iguazu River is an activity designed for the adventure- hearts who want the make the most of the rapids in the Iguazu Falls.

The inflatable boats, which can carry up to 10 people, have a central oar. The rapids has an extension of 4 km, 2 km of them are classified as Medium Level(class 3+) and the other 2 km are of calm waters, which is in fact appropriate for swimming.

Even those who have never had a go on Rafting can practice it after receiving some instructions from the experienced guides, all members of the Brazilian Federation of Canoeing. This sport is absolutely thrilling and you will experience the force and the beauty of nature blended in one activity. It is done under the international regulations and with all the necessary safety equipment. The Canyon Team will provide you with life jackets, helmets and oars, and to guarantee even more the safety of the participants, a motorboat accompanies the rafts all the way downstream in case of any accident.

Adventure length: between 1 hour and 1 hour and 3 minutes

Tips: wear waterproof clothes or swimsuit.

Who can join the adventure: anyone from 14 years old and upwards.

Opening times: Daily from 0900 to 17.00

Observations: The rapids are considered of Medium Level (class 3+), accessible to people of all ages. However, those under 18 must have authorization from someone responsible, who must sign a term of exemption of responsibility.

In Foz do Iguazu, Loumar Tourism Tour Operator offers ‘Tourist Passports’ at unbeatable prices which include the White Water Rafting. Come and live this exhilarating experience.

A bit about The Iguazu River

The Iguazu River flows through the Brazilian state of Parana. Originated in the Serra do Mar Mountain ranges, the river travels through an extensive area and moves towards the southeast section of the nation. The water body finally empties itself into the Parana River, which happens to share its borders with Paraguay and Argentina. The river travels over certain kilometers and falls off from a plateau and creates Iguazu Falls. Thus, the water body happens to occupy the position of quite a famed river. The waterway also passes through several beautiful waterfalls and the celebrated Iguazu National Park. Also referred as Iguassu, which means the Great Water, the river offers rapids of varied levels. Consisting of both placid waters and turbulent waves, the river welcomes rafters with ample zeal to explore the river. Now, besides getting drenched in the wild waters, you can spare a look at the surrounding thick green vegetation and the amazing wildlife. What’s more, there are the beautiful waterfalls that decor

ate the long river course, giving the water body a grand magnificence!



Rafting in Iguassu Falls

Rafting in Iguassu Falls

Rafting in Iguassu Falls