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Pacote Destino Iguassu Brasil Noite Especial - in Iguassu Falls

The Destino Iguassu Brasil Especial Passport’s goal is to offer you the best of Foz do Iguaçu with the best prices. It is the easier and most economic way to enjoy the city’s attractions. With it, you’ll have access to the Macuco Safari tour, Bird Park, lunch at the Porto Canoas Restaurant, dinner with the Latin Show (Rafain Steak House), dinner at the Italian Night.

it includes

  • Shopping del Este (Paraguay) Shuttle
  • Macuco Safari
  • Dreamland Wax Museum
  • Dreamland Wonders of the World
  • Macuco Safari
  • Bird Park
  • Lunch at Porto Canoas Restaurant (Iguassu Falls)

from U$ 192,27

to U$ 182,27

save U$ 10,00


1. What are the real advantages of buying the passports?
Depending on the chosen Passport, they are on average 40% cheaper than the attractions in Foz do Iguazu purchased separately at the box office.
It's cheaper and more practical to buy as once purchased the passport, you will have tickets for rides and meals.

2. Why are the Loumar Tourism passports the cheapest?
As Loumar Tourism is located and work exclusively in Foz do Iguazu, it can offer a large volume of purchases in all city tours. The benefits conquered are passed on to the customers.

3. How long have these passports existed in Foz?
Loumar created this system of passports 10 years ago. The first was the Brazil Passport. After the service was consolidated, Loumar launched more passports always with the same intention of making life easier for tourists. Today there are eight passports in total.

4 When buying any of passports will I have transportation for the tours?
No, the passports do not include transport. You can go for the tours with your own car or check out about our regular transport, which have their own costs. However, we recommend using our transportation, as it is economical and much more practical.

5 Where are the passports delivered?
The passports are handed in when you arrive in Foz do Iguazu. We will bring it to your hotel or you can collect it from the various customer centres of our agency.

6. Is the cost of the Passport per person or per group?
The cost of the Passport is per person.

7 Does the Passport include admission to the Iguazu National Park (where the Iguazu Falls are located)?
No, contributions to the Iguazu Falls, which are paid to the Chico Mendes Institute (former IBAMA) must be paid directly at the box office. Prices vary depending on nationality, age and so forth.

8. Does the Passport include drinks at meals?
No, the drinks must be paid directly to the restaurants.

9. Are prices the same on holidays, and high seasons?
Yes, the price of the passports is the same all year round.

10. Is there any discount for children?
Yes, children under 6 years are free of charge and children aged 7 to 11 years pay only 50% of the Passport.


Macuco Safari The Bird Park Italian Night Dinner Itaipu Binational Porto Canoas Restaurant Rafain Steak House Show


+ It does not include entrance tickets to the National Parks(Brazil-Argentina), transport for the tours, drinks during meals and personal expenses
+ Check about prices for children


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