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Great Aventura in Argentina


The ‘Great Adventure’ is a differentiated way to take you to the Iguassu Falls, but equally exciting.

The tour starts off with a ride through the Iguazu National Park. A 6 km ride by truck along the Yacaratia Trail, taking you through the tropical vegetation, where the fauna and flora live in complete harmony. During the tour multilingual guides explain about the curiosities of the local jungle.

At the end of the trail you will get off at the Macuco Dock. Now the ride by boat starts. It is a safe and exciting adventure, like the one done on the Brazilian side. The main difference is that this rides goes by the Martin Island. It is a thrilling adventure in which passengers are showered during the stunning approach to the falls, taking you very close to the Devil’s Throat.

Afterwards, there is something special. A ride done by a totally ecological train through the jungle towards ‘ Canoas Dock´. Once there, visitors will be able to admire even more the beauty of the Iguassu Falls with a privileged view over the paths, where the Iguassu River displays all its strength and beauty.

São as espetaculares quedas das Cataratas do Iguaçu convidando-lhe para mais um passeio nessa grande aventura na Argentina.

The spectacular Iguassu Falls invite you for a tour and this great adventure in Argentina.

Adventure Length: approximately 2 hours.


Gran Aventura in Argentina

Gran Aventura in Argentina