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The Black Pit Trail in Iguassu Falls


The Trail of the Black Pit is a tour that focuses on getting the tourists to have more interaction with nature. Located in the Iguazu National Park, the 9 km long trail is home to several species of exotic plants and wildlife. During winter, it is common the sighting of alligators and several species of birds. The route can be done on foot, bicycle or carts. After the walk there is a 10 feet tall bunker with a panoramic view of the imposing Iguazu River.

Next, visitors take a twin-engine boat ride on the Iguazu River passing through the islands like the Parrot Island and the Island of the Herons, where you'll find a variety of birds.

Tourists can do the route by the river with inflatable kayaks and accompanied by experienced instructors who provide all participants with safety equipment, or continue the tour by motorboat. This is tourism for the traditional and for the adventurous ones.

The ride is equipped with all necessary safety equipment and with the help of multilingual guides *. In the end, the landing is at the pier of the Banana Trees Trail.

- Average duration: 6 hours.
- Trilingual Guides (Portuguese, Spanish and English) fixed. Please check the availability for guides of French and Italian.
- Duration: about 4 hours.
- Tips: bring repellent and sunscreen, wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes.

Opening Hours: daily departures at 9:30 am, 12pm and 14pm.

In Foz do Iguazu, Loumar Tourism Tour Operator offers several ‘Tourist Passports’ that include the tour of the Black Pit Trail at unbeatable prices. Come to live this unforgettable experience!

NOTE: Reservations for this trip can be made until 17h. The trail of the Black Pit may include Macuco Safari and a lunch in Porto Canoas.


Black pit trail in Iguassu Falls

Black pit trail in Iguassu Falls

Black pit trail in Iguassu Falls