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The Astronomy Observatory in Iguassu Falls


Loumar Tourism Tour Operator takes you to the stars. At the Casimiro Montenegro Filho Astronomy Observatory, which belongs to the Itaipu Power Plant Tourist Complex, you will have the unique experience of observing the constellations and planets. Set up in Foz do Iguazu, precisely at the PTI-Technological Park of Itaipu- , the Astronomic Observatory annexes the observatory and planetarium.

At the very start visitors get on the bus accompanied by a guide, who will talk about the curiosities about the art of observing the night sky preparing the visitors for what lies ahead. During the 10 minutes trip to the Observatory it is possible to see the capybaras on the way.

Dentro do Polo Astronômico, o observatório, no topo do edifício, é o primeiro local a ser visitado. Com uma cúpula de 6 metros de diâmetro, os visitantes observam planetas, estrelas e algumas galáxias. Logo após, os grupos se deslocam para a observação dos telescópios e do museu Espaço Universo, com fragmentos de meteoritos, exposições de réplicas de sondas espaciais, globos de planetas e protótipos de Astronomia.

Once inside the Observatory, at the top of the building, with a 6 diameter dome, the visitors will observe the planets, stars and some galaxies. Right after that, the group will head for the observation of the telescopes and the Space Universe Museum, with fragments of meteorites, replicas of space probes, globes of planets and prototypes of astronomy.

At the Planetarium, which can receive up to 73 people per session, visitors will observe virtual sky projected in a 11 diameter 8meter high dome. Such projection will simulate the vision of an observer from any latitude on Planet Earth. The sky projected can be from present, past or future.

A display of lights projection closes the visit by creating a virtual sky in the Planetarium. A narration gives details about the planets as well as the main galaxies and stars.

A tour for the whole family, especially for those crazy about the astronomy. But those who came for curiosity will certainly leave the place wanting to become an astronomer.

Opening Times: every Friday and Saturday, leaving at 1900 from the Itaipu Visitors Reception Centre. It is important to point out that the tour will depend on the climatic conditions of the day.

Tips: It is advisable to book in advance as well as arrive at the Reception Centre 30 minutes before your tour.


Astronomy Observatory in Iguassu Falls

Astronomy Observatory in Iguassu Falls

Astronomy Observatory in Iguassu Falls