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The Americas Space in Iguassu Falls


Located in the area called Porto Meira, exactly in the confluence of the Rivers Iguassu and Parana, next to the Three Landmarks, the Space of Americas is distinct in Foz do Iguassu for its magnificent architecture in rustic style.

With more than 2,000 meters of construction the Space of Americas, was opened on 17 January 1997. It has as its main objective to host events regarding political, business, and cultural issues, as well as environmental issues, among the countries which are part of the Mercosul.

The amazing meeting of these two big Rivers is the setting for the building of this magnificent circular construction supported by steel structures, basaltic rocks and eucalyptus, all combined with a modern touch of interior decoration. It can receive 400 people, and it helps Foz do Iguacu to stand out as a forum of issues which interest all.

Opening Times: from Mondays to Sundays from 09.00 to 19.00

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Americas Space in Iguassu Falls

Americas Space in Iguassu Falls

Americas Space in Iguassu Falls